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April 1 2013 2 01 /04 /April /2013 19:25

Why do we so often miss the point of what is actually going on in life, and in our lives? I think it must be because we are preoccupied with immediate issues, rather than with the processes that cause them to be issues in the first place.


Issues seem to point us directly towards what needs to be done in order to resolve them in our own favor. Our preferred default setting for decision-making thus seems to be "What do I need to do about this in order to get rid of it as a problem?" rather than "What do I need to do to change the processes that created the problem in the first place? . . . and perhaps continue to create others like it?" We seem to be continually fated to create the very problems that endanger not only our well-being but our likelihood of survival. (I deliberately chose to say "seem to be fated". Therein lies part of our problem. We pervasively disregard the potential of our capacity to choose.)



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