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April 4 2012 4 04 /04 /April /2012 23:42

Hello, again!


In my haste to get my first post out into cyberspace, I omitted any mention of the book that I am curently reading, and which has a great deal to say that is relevant to the issues with which MSOU is concerned. It is a hefty book, and, to do it justice might take at least a year or so (!) but the part I want to draw people's attention to primarily is right at the end of the book, and  even a short perusal of it will suggest many different directions of enquiry.


The book is called Postwar, and its subtitle is A History of Europe since 1945. (Penguin Books, 2005. ISBN 0-14-303775-7) The author is Tony Judt (sadly, no longer with us) and the relevant section, "Epilogue" is subtitled "From the House of the Dead." Be prepared! This is grim stuff, for the epilogue is a detailed and incisive summary of the impact of the Holocaust, not simply on postwar Europe, but rather more trenchantly on the manner in which we as a collective human culture fail to face up to what our attachment to particular belief systems can bring about. It offers a somewhat different analysis than the one for which Zygmunt Bauman is famous, so reading Judt in conjunction with Bauman is both demanding and enlightening. Those of you who are already familiar with my own analysis of affiliation and disaffiliation in MSOU will find many points of common relevance.


That's it! More soon . . .  



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