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May 14 2013 3 14 /05 /May /2013 21:14

Occasionally, things do come together, don't they? This post invites you to celebrate such an occasion, and pursue its implications. My goodness! Metaphysics, sociology, psychology, and the happenstance of immediate experience do come together, and we get a glimpse of what is possible for us . . .


Readers of this blog will know that I particularly respect and admire both the work and the life of Zygmunt Bauman; and now, here, in his nineties, Bauman again shows his particular genius in finding a way to put us in touch with ourselves that is both enlightening and humane. I can do little more in this post than invite you to read and ponder Bauman's most recent article in Eurozine. It can be found here. (It is worthwhile to print out the article, since the rest of the display at the Eurozine site is distracting.)


Prior readers will also know how, in many of my posts, I have endeavored to show the relationship between Alfred North Whitehead's speculative metaphysics and the actual nitty gritty of our endeavors to live our lives in such a way that they are not only meaningful to us individually, but also contribute something to a larger meaningfulness. Bauman's article, I hope you agree, goes a long way towards envisaging how such a larger meaning might be achieved. In this respect it begs reference to my own book, which concentrated on the manner in which we human beings tend to get in the way of one another, and thus, ultimately, ourselves. Bauman suggests the categoreal scheme of Richard Sennett as a possible algorithm for action. Might I also suggest that a reading of the final two chapters of my own book put even more "flesh" (Bauman's term) on that enterprise?






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