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March 19 2013 3 19 /03 /March /2013 19:27

I've experienced an interesting convergence of sensibilities over the past few days, and, quite apart from ruminating on the factors that combine to promote a new opening of mind to their existence, I'm presently trying to come to terms with what I think I've now discovered.


Three separate "events" all seemed to be inclined in a similar direction. First (perhaps?) I've been re-reading some of the marvelous Donna Leon mysteries, featuring her fictional detective Guido Brunetti, his family, his friends, and his encounters with the incongruities of the modern state. Second, I was recently almost fortuitously able to reconnect with a previous colleague (of forty years ago). Third, I and a very dear friend (whom I've known since his very birth) became engaged in a deeply-felt discussion about the connection between pragmatic concerns and the metaphysical. (Please don't be distracted by the abstract terms––we simply met in a way that neither of us was quite prepared for.)


I'll try to track the convergent elements in these three occasions . . .


In re-reading the Leon books, it became much clearer to me that their power depended very much on Leon's ability to project the incongruent aspects of one's own identity into other characters, so that one's inner dilemmas could be fully expressed, and in fact "come to life" in the consequent dialogical interaction between the fictional participants.


Something similar transpired in my discussions with those other two real people identified above.The discussions with G. (by e-mail) put me in touch with aspects of our joint experiences forty years previously that had previously been invisible to me. My discussion with D. (in person) did something very similar for our here and now relationship.


In every case, then, what was occurring could be conceptualized as a conversation about meaning itself, by the very people who were at that very moment creating it through their dialogic interaction.


That's both pretty humbling, and marvelously enlightening, because it was the process itself that was elucidating meaning, at the very moment that it was being created. I'm sorry that at the moment I can't be any clearer than that . . . but it is in a way like being inside the miracle at the very moment of its occurrence. Perhaps that's what full realization actually is.


I'd better post this before I start getting fragmented again!





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